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Posted by gimpygimpy on 30/01/2010

What a disappointment! I told them, I told them, I told them. But they had to go along with that childish prank 1023, and now it’s sure to backfire. Just who is going to buy that performance? Not Boots! And the British public might be naïve not knowing who sponsors us and all, but they aren’t dumb. Well most of them, anyways.

The concept was just totally naff from the start. I mean who’s going to buy them swallowing a whole bottle of homeopathic pills and then running off to drink coffee, when everyone knows that coffee antidotes ‘nothing pills’. Whats more I told them that a homeopathic overdose is taking lots of doses separately, not all together. Even I know that, and I know bugger all about homeopathy. I suppose they were scared. I mean so many of them called into homeopathic pharmacies just to check it was safe, and of course everyone heard about that. Fools!

People aren’t stupid are they? I mean what were they trying to show, that they didn’t drop dead in 10 minutes? That wouldn’t have happened if they swallowed a mix of chemotherapy and sleeping pills. No wonder homeopathic remedy sales go through the roof after every one of our campaigns.

Worst of all, just look at the people who showed up. Who’s going to take that bunch seriously? I mean hallo!!! You have to look or speak intelligently to be taken seriously. I said it in the best way I could at the pub meeting, I just didn’t want to offend anyone, you know.  Better to stay at home and write blogs or comments; just don’t show your faces. What bunch of ragamuffins, with all the eloquence of 17 year olds.

Well that’s what you get for planning campaigns in the pub. Next time just carry on commenting on MY blog, OK? Leave the jobs for the pro’s- like me. Cause I’m a research scientist!

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The homeopaths are on our side

Posted by gimpygimpy on 24/01/2010

Well guys n’ girls, you’re going to find this one difficult to believe, I know. So do I. The homeopaths are on our side. Yesterday, this old bird calling herself Hunney Samuelman or something like that, calls to tell us that her homeopathic organisation is supporting our ‘Overdose Demonstration’. In case you don’t know, this is a stonking idea we came up with at the pub the other night.

It goes like this. We all meet at at 10:23am on January 30th (10.23- see, just like the name of our campaign, which I’m sorry to say I still think is a bit dumb), more than three hundred homeopathy skeptics nationwide will be taking part in a mass homeopathic ‘overdose’ in protest at Boots’ continued endorsement and sale of homeopathic remedies, and to raise public awareness about the fact that homeopathic remedies have nothing in them. Brilliant init?! I get excited just fantasising about it – Hurummph!

So this Hunney chick says she thinks it’s a great idea, but if we do it we got to do it properly. What do you mean, I ask. Well, she says, first of all you aren’t going to impress anyone like that, cause I mean what do you think people expect – that you take the remedy and turn green or sprout extra ears or fall down dead on the spot? I mean even if you stood there taking Valium or Lithium or Chemotherapy nothing much would happen unless you repeat it three times daily for a few days. Hmmm…the old birds’ got a point you know. OK, so we repeat it three times daily for a week, no harm done, there’s nothing in there, see!

Then she says, you aren’t going to impress anyone by each taking different remedies, are you? We aren’t? No, says Miss Hunney, you see homeopathy is based on something called the law of similars, have you heard of it? Can’t say I have really. I mean all I care about is that the silly cult is based on giving nothing, and that’s how I make a living, ha-ha.

Well yeah, She says, like duh, you have to choose the remedy you take carefully if you want to make a real impression. OK, what do you suggest, says I. So she says, you know we support you, so to really make this work I suggest you all take Lachesis 30C three times a day for a week or two, that should make a media impact. Lachesis, I say, what’s that? Oh don’t worry about it she says, nothing in it, right? Right!

Anything else, I ask her. Well, if you want some variation, some of you could try Glonoine 30C, again three times daily for a couple of weeks. And after that you could all try Plb 9 Millimetre.

OK, says I, whatever, but do we have your support?

Definitely she says. You’re going to have a blast!


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Posted by gimpygimpy on 15/01/2010

Well guys and girls, isn’t this exciting! we are about to start our ultimate anti Homeopathy campaign 10:23, and our Twitters are quivering with anticipation. Yes I know it’s really naff name and all, but nothing perfect. We were all sitting down at the old Pub on Thursday night , bored and wondering what to do next, and we get to thinking about our next move against those mad, mad, crazy, maniac, insane, murdering, rabid homeopaths (OK, we’d had a few pints by then). And then old Col says how about ‘10:23’, and we are, like, WHAT???. So his says, yeah you know Avogadro’s number and all. So we kind of like say, Hey Col, chill man, like maybe you’ve had one too many, easy on the old G and T’s old man. But you know what he’s like, once stuck on something that’s it. And he’s the guy with the connection and all, so like, the name stuck. A bit embarrassing, I know.

So anyways, there we were , like, discussing when to start, and the guys say why not now, no time like the present and all that, let’s get them while they’re low after we nailed the, with the old WHO- BBC trick (Ha-ha, that was a great, those Beeb bods will swallow anything we feed them!). But inside I’m thinking like, noooooo, cause It’s Mercury in retrograde right now, s’not gonna work. Well I couldn’t say that out loud with all those skeptiks around, but I’m a bit freaked out. You see I’ve had some bad experiences with Merc in retro, and strange enough I buy into that stuff, even though I’m a research scientist (Did I mention that before?)

So I’m lying in bed later that evening with an early hangover, and I start to think, like, after we Kill, kill, kill, mutilate, smash, annihilate, obliterate or at least maim all the homeopaths, where’s all the funding gonna come from. I got a cold sweat sudden like. You know I’m up at 6 every morning on the old Google alert and twitter, following every lead there is, blogging and sending nasty emails all day long. It’s a full time job, and I deserve every penny I get. But I realised suddenly, hey I got to leave some of these homeopaths around for bashing, cause I don’t fancy a round with the Chiropractors after the bloody nose that Singh got, and like no one’s gonna fund me against the church, and lets face it they make similar claims to the hom’s – think about it – healing and belief and prayer and energy and holy virgins and all that). Who’s going to fund that? I mean I don’t really fancy getting back to experimenting on all those mice in cages. Even worse, whose gonna read my blog!? Who’s going to even notice little me? Nightmare.

Note to self for the morning: Leave a few homeopaths alive!

Yours, in 10:23ness, G

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Journalist for a Change

Posted by gimpygimpy on 14/01/2010

I do love it when journalists make a change. Here we are warming up to our little campaign, and the first spring flowers are starting to show in the papers. Nothing to do with us, of course, but today’s article in the ‘independent’ by Jeremy Laurance, is so aptly titled: “The terrible harm that alternative medicine can do”. Couldn’t have put it better me old self! That’s Eloquence. Mind you, having it tucked between articles on ‘The 10 best office chairs’ and ‘the 10 best sex toys’ doesn’t do it any favours.

Never mind that he has cobbled together a whole lot of ‘cut and paste’ from stuff that’s so old it has a thin fungal layer growing over it. And obviously he can’t much tell the difference between his elbow, herbalism, nutrition and homoeopathy. Who cares! It’s the headlines that do the damage, and that’s what we get paid for.

Anyways, I got to thinking about it, and maybe that level of article is just a bit too simplistic. I mean even Joe Public, or come to think of it even an Independent reader, would find that article a bit naive. Especially when any one with two pence of brain can see the damage that pharmaceuticals do every day – I mean that’s what I call REAL damage.Laurance talks about some Ugandan doctor’s therapy using vitamins for cancer. Well the only negative proof he has is that the Government refused to give him a license (surprise!). So I liked the way he converted that into ‘The Terrible Damage of Alternative Medicine’- must remember to use that trick. Good thing most of the readers don’t look at articles like this one, cause then they would really see damage, Rambo style, ha-ha! (Oh go on, have a look, just don’t pass it on, ok):

Click to access cancer-treatments-nexus.pdf

But the real genius stroke is mixing homoeopathy in with beetroot therapy! Now that’s journalism – bring it on.

Like I said, it is good to see a journalist making a change. Just compare his previous article re drug company sponsorship – see below. I mean he mentions SAS but he obviously forgot to look at our sponsor page. Way to go, Laurance!

Why NICE gets blasted – and drugs companies get a free pass

By Jeremy Laurance

Drug companies have always bought influence by sponsoring patient groups (see today’s page one story in the Independent). How much influence do they wield? If your charity depends for half its income on the industry then it is harder to argue, as Timothy Statham, chief executive of the National Kidney Federation, does in a comment posted below my story, that “the receiving charity would never allow such sponsorship to influence the way it represents its patients’ interests.”  To most people that would represent a conflict of interest at the very least, which ought to be declared.

Larger charities, such as the Royal National Institute for the Blind and the Alzheimer’s Society, now make the sources of their funding clear. But the smaller charities, who often make the most noise, are less transparent. Is transparency enough? It is a good first step, but the question still remains whether groups that accept funding from the drug industry are prepared to challenge it. The evidence suggests not (and this is as true of the large charities as of the small ones). How else can one explain the one sided nature of the debate about the cost of cancer and other drugs, which has seen opprobrium heaped on NICE while the drug industry and the prices it charges have escaped criticism?

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