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Silly Season

Posted by gimpygimpy on 11/07/2010

Hey there campers,

I’ve been on holiday so haven’t posted for a while. I’m hoping you’re on holiday too and missing this one, cause my blog is getting to be like Discovery Channel – all re-runs in slow motion. Mummy said I was getting a bit blunt, so she made me bring my spade and bucket to the beach and do some real digging.

Take my last entry for example: ‘Homeopathic Action Trust still funding unethical trials’. Shock, horror indeed! A bit like saying Tesco is still selling Marmite or England can’t play World Cup football. I think it must be Silly Season, and my last blog is certainly full of it.

I started with the old ‘WHO have criticised these activities’, linking to a BBC post from before they made a public apology, admitting that they were ‘hasty and mistaken in posting the article’. WHO would know?

I then go on to say that HAT is now ‘expanding into India’. That’s like saying France can win the World Cup – (Mon Dieu, quelle bouffonnerie). Everyone knows there are already 300,000 homeopaths in India, and that the Indian government supports homeopathy big time. We once tried to stick our foot in there and it got bitten off (A bit like Italy’s World Cup efforts).

I then go on to mention some homeopathic research in Africa. Now we can’t allow that, because there’s no research to back it up. So if there is no research, you can’t do any research, and we can carry on saying there is no research, even though we know there is loads of research. Bit like England, see- they won the Cup in ‘66 and haven’t stopped claiming they can win it since. We call it ‘perpetual farce’ in the industry.

What else could I say against research? Well how about the good old ‘...medical trials on people with an incurable disease who do not have access to appropriate healthcare’. The only thing is, I then stuck foot in gob by quoting: ‘carry out a scientifically verifiable study on the effect of Homeopathy as a treatment for the side effects of the ART’. Well if it’s side effects of ART, then they do have access to treatment. Oops! But who would notice that? Just like Maradona, if you make enough song and dance no one will notice you have no game.

I top it all off by saying that the study appears to be in breach of the ethical requirements for human trials. Well of course I know that these trials can only go ahead with full ethical approval, but you don’t! Just like ‘not sure why we lost’ England manager Capella.

I start the blog by saying ‘As regular readers will know’ haha. All three of them! Me, Warhelmet my faithful puppy, and the mysterious Angus Wood (hehehe!!!!). Good thing the homeopaths themselves have wised up and stopped reading my blog. I’m slip sliding down the Google rating now. So what! I’ll be back and England will win the next World Cup. I’m sure of it!

Thank god I’ve got the doctor’s vote against homeopathy on the NHS to write about next. So exciting! I smell blood and I love it. Watch this space, my two faithful readers.


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