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Primum non nocere

Posted by gimpygimpy on 03/02/2010

Mon Dieu, it’s good to be back in France. I had enough of the silly season in Slushy old England. In the end I had no choice but to publicly distance myself from the 1023 campaign. Of course they were all claiming I support them, letters from Andy the duck and all! Maybe all those remedies he swallowed did get to him in the end. Brrrr…. I shudder to think.

Still, can’t complain. Blogging out the homeopaths was easy as usual. It’s just that I keep having to use the tired old arguments like ‘Shang et al’. Shang et al, Shang at al. Even I’m getting sick of it. I know no one buys that tired old piece of manipulated research any more, but you’ve got to use what you’ve got and ignore the rest, I say. Still, difficult to stop them doing any more research while claiming they don’t have enough of it, but I manage, somehow.  Lucky the Faculty plays into our hands so easily though; they need to keep the Doctors happy! As for the Society of homeopaths, a few white lies go a long way. As if they could sponsor Research in Africa, ha-ha! Everyone knows they couldn’t afford a piss up at an AGM. Still, a white lie is ok, isn’t it- just like those little sugar pills- ‘Nothing in it’ – see!

The thing that worries me is that the homeopaths have stopped responding on my comments. It’s only the old faithful now, a bit boring really. What’s going to happen to my Google rating? Come back guys, we miss you! Really.

Regarding research, I have been requested to ask my colleagues not to mention the following research:

Hospital doctors make mistakes in more than one in 10 prescriptions they write for children, far more than was previously thought, according to an authoritative study published today.

Errors were made in 13.2% of prescriptions written for children, according to the study covering five London hospitals and carried out by the School of Pharmacy, University of London. Even more mistakes were made by nurses who had to administer drugs, a task often entailing mixing up a solution to be injected. The study found that almost one in five drugs (19.1%) were wrongly administered.

… most of the errors that did get through led to no long-term harm, though some could have been lethal.

Primum non nocere indeed. Mums the word. Nuff said!


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Friends in deed

Posted by gimpygimpy on 07/01/2010


Isn’t it good to have friends!

You see, recently some dude attacked my chums from Sense about Science. I really don’t know what he’s on about; I mean SAS are really a great bunch of guys. They love their science and they love their sponsors who allow them to do their science.

You might be interested in looking at the list of donors, because alongside the pharmaceuticals there are lots of others, though of course we don’t specify who gives how much. But that’s not the point. The thing is, this guy attacked us from our own paper! The Gaurdian!  I mean he’s not going to last there, is he, cause they are one of our sponsors, and they more or less tow our line.

So I really don’t understand what the problem is. OK, so we all belonged to an ultra leftist movement that specialised in trashing other organisations, such as anti Nazi and anti GM, see here. Well, that’s what were paid for and alls fair in love and war, well war really.  It just that once we steam rolled the way for GM (Monsanto were so pleased with us!), a man’s got to make a living, n’cest pa (did I tell you I work in France, as a research scientist no less!)

Anyway, that’s not the point. Thing is, all my pals came up to support us on the comment page. Good friends like LeCanardNoir, Imogenblack and Warhelmet and a couple more old faithfuls, the same guys that always support me on my site, and a good thing too, cause to be honest I don’t have that many readers, mostly recycled you know (Hey who says I’m not ecological!). They don’t have much new to say, but they’re always there recycling with me.

I like to call them ‘my goons’, but  don’t tell them that. Most of them are spotty faced teenagers really, and they know nothing about science except that they are pretty good at regurgitating all that bunk about the ultra high dilutions, but that does the trick, I think. Enough to forgive them for the silly names and poor grammar. Anyway, amazing what loyalty you can get for a couple or rounds at the pub on a Thursday night. (Of course I get paid much more, cause, did I say- I’m a research scientist!)

But here’s the real secret: it’s really those dumb alternative hippies that come to the rescue every time, ha-ha. If it wasn’t for them I would be page 50 on Google. In they trot, like lambs to the slaughter, give me the few tired old arguments which we can easily answer with our tired old arguments, but meanwhile, up I go in the search engine rating. I have just got to laugh; these guys just keep me going up and up, and they seem to be too thick to realise it.  Thanks Pals!

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Support the Super Profits of Drug Companies

Posted by gimpygimpy on 25/11/2009

What is keeping the economy going is pharmaceutical company profits. The swine flu vaccine alone will bring in over 10 BILLION dollars of profits worldwide.

And there is no down side- liability is all in the hands of the government and your tax dollars will go toward supporting the many who have had unfortunate side effects and death from the vaccines. The drug companies don’t have to pay a cent.

So do not link here:

or here

Forget what you read and hear here. The drug companies that I work for deserve your money and support. They are saving mankind and making lots of money doing it. So ignore the side effects and the fact that there was no swine flu  actually being there.

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Gimpy Blog

Posted by gimpygimpy on 24/11/2009

I work as a researcher and for drug companies. Anyone who is against drugs and vaccines should be stopped. My aim is to stop any criticism and all alternatives to conventional drugs. You are able to tolerate many more drugs and vaccines than you think you can, so don’t stop now. Please join me in my fight for drugs and more research and stop those nasty alternatives. And No, I don’t believe people should have the choice, cause most people are just plain dumb! I expose any problems with alternative health through any  means which I think is just.

The pharmaceutical  drugs you buy supports me, my drug “research”, my colleagues at Sense about Science. So pop a pill today, and keep  my fight against all health alternatives and complimentary medicine going.

Thank you.

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