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Protecting The Monopoly of Pharmaceutical Drugs


Posted by gimpygimpy on 07/05/2010

I have a sneaky feeling that my blog is getting seriously boring. Readership is way down, and the last entry got a miserable two comments, and one doesn’t count cause it’s from Warhelmet, who is a faithful friend, but a bit weak on the EQ  if you know what I mean ( I’ll dedicate a blog to him soon, cause I’m a bit concerned about the old boy).

Really I’m not surprised my blog is drying up. Who’s going to want to read about the Society of Homeopaths’ AGM, honestly? It has all the excitement of a Woman’s Institute meeting in Wales, if you don’t include the sponge cake. No one even goes to bloody AGMs, so who in their right mind would want to read about the SOH financial statement and director turnover. But what to do when ‘the man’ tells me to keep writing?  Got a mortgage to pay, haven’t I?

I tried to spice it up with a tired few comments on homeopaths treating Malaria in Africa, but I don’t think it did the trick somehow. Sure I could have gone to the same old ‘placebo’ or ‘stopping patients from using conventional drugs’ argument, but I thought best leave those points well alone cause  they might be wearing a bit thin. Everyone knows that patients in Africa can choose any Malaria drug they want off the shelf, and godzilla knows Bill Gates makes sure his vaccine industry investments keep rocking and rolling. Of course Africans have a choice between malaria medicines that have long since stopped working  or some fake malaria drugs from India that would really make them sick.

Have a look at this:

More than a third of antimalarial drugs sold in Africa have failed quality tests, research shows.

The study of drugs bought in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda shows that 35 per cent contained too little active ingredient or failed to dissolve, rendering them ineffective. Another third of treatments also belonged to a class of drugs that the World Health Organisation (WHO) wants to be banned because they can cause the malaria parasite to develop resistance.

(But you won’t catch me saying anything about that, cause it not my jobs-worth, GG)

The findings suggest that hundreds of thousands of lives are being put at risk and indicate that drug counterfeiting is to blame. Researchers fear this is spreading to Africa from South-East Asia, where up to 50 per cent of anti-malarial drugs are fake. Malaria kills up to 2.7million people each year, chiefly in Africa, and counterfeit and sub-standard drugs may account for at least 200,000 deaths.

(But you won’t catch me saying anything about that, cause it not my jobs-worth, GG)

A third of the drugs bought as part of the study were artemisinin monotherapies of a sort that the WHO wants banned in favour of combination treatments. It is feared that the parasite Plasmodium falciparum may become immune to artemisinin in isolation, as it has to older drugs such as chloroquine.

(But you won’t catch me saying anything about that, cause it not my jobs-worth, GG)

Only 200,000 a year dying from Malaria drugs and the rest ineffective and developing resistant malaria.  Not that bad really, not worth a blog from me, haha. Better concentrate on the CAM people, if I could only find just one case that died from their mumbo mojo I could write such a riveting blog. Nothing so far, but I wait…

Anyway homeopaths use Quinine in potency most of the time, just the same we used to before we burnt that option out by giving massive overdoses for 200 years.  And now we have to find a new drug every two years, but that’s the good part, cause it keeps the industry turning over, what-what!

I really hope something interesting pops up soon before I lose my whole readership. I heard a rumour that some CAM people are starting a counter skeptic campaign called GGG; ‘Give a Geek a Girlfriend’. Naturally I was a bit offended at first, but then I thought, hey, thats like me, GG!  There might be something in it for me, you never know.

Like they say: All blog and no play make Jack a dull research scientist.


2 Responses to “GGG”

  1. Courgette Plant said

    Am wondering if you will be blogging tonight or out drowning your sorrows with your Ernstwhile friend Even Harass. So sad to hear about him losing his seat but must confess to having been a bit worried about his state of mind. Attempted overdoses should be taken seriously and perhaps what swayed his constituents do you think? Can’t be doing with such instability in these testing times after all. Happily he will now have more time to seek appropriate treatment and be back on his soap box before too long bashing the foul deviants who refuse to toe the conventional line. Do pass on the commiserations of the fraternity and don’t drink too much tonight.

    • gimpygimpy said

      Yesh it ish a great shame about poor Harras. I’m sure he will be happy and fullfilled in hish new role as head of Weshminshter shkepticsh. Hic.

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