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My Diary

Posted by gimpygimpy on 28/02/2010

Hey! Nothing much to write about so I thought I’d share my diary with you.

Mon 22nd Feb

Yay! Good old Evan Harris MP! What a report and what a set up! There must be a God! Oh well there isn’t of course but you know what I mean. How did he get 3 others to sign that report!!! I can’t wait until he tells me. Buy that man a beer! Remember that ole Kelly Marie song ‘My head is in a spin my feet don’t touch the ground’, that’s how I feel right now. All those homeopathic groups thinking that their evidence would be read- I could almost die laughing. Welcome to the new sceptic democracy where sceptics get what they want and when they want! We understand everything, we are invincible. I hugged my computer so hard I could feel its chip humming. Mmmm….

Tues 23rd

I woke up singing with the joie de vivre: ‘Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head’….. Hmm… not sure,. Paul McCartney uses homeopathy so I’d better go back to Kelly Marie, I’ll take a chance that she’s not a user. I am still so happy that I’ve been jumping up and down on the bed (Even though Mummy told me not to).

Went off to work at the GM laboratory where I’m currently cloning a prawn with a turnip. Darwin knows why, but it is bloody clever and I would like to see some CAM stupido doing it. Ha-ha those homeopaths might be applying for a job at my lab soon. I would get them to kneel down denounce Hahnemann and beg allegiance to scepticism. Then I would whip them hard until it really hurt! That would make me happy!

I thought life couldn’t get any better when an alert came up from my searches. That Tory bastard Tredinnick! He has put in an Early Day Motion. Merde! He already has 4 signatories that’s as many as the bloody report had. I will harass him, I will destroy him, I will exterminate him, exterminate him, exterminate him. He will not get away with this. No more votes for anyone who isn’t a member of Sense about Science! I want my own way. I always get my own way. It always worked with Mummy. AARRRHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Wed 24th

Doctor gave me an anti depressive. I know they don’t work, but it helps if you believe. Still a bit weepy. I’m just so sorry for poor Evan as his game will soon be up. He is such a nice man, he only wants to create a nice utopia run by scientists as the new master race. S’not fair. I spent all day sobbing into my pillow.

Thurs 25th

Quite philosophical today, almost too chilled out. Those pink tablets really work, I’m sure they do, I believe in them. I mean the report will be dismissed but we can plan other things and Evan could even get re-elected. This report will soon be forgotten like the 10:23 fiasco, so it’s not the end. They may not even get any more than 4 signatories on the EDM. I mean that was the day when 200 homeopaths lobbied parliament so maybe no more will sign it. I feel quite relaxed about it now. I will just check to see if any more MPs have signed it- well maybe one other twit will!

What? 21 have signed it now! stupid democracy! Revolution! Revolution! Guy Fawkes is my Hero now- He might have been a Catholic but I don’t care. Blow the bloody place up. Kill, kill, kill. This could backfire on us and lead to the homeopathy budget increasing 10 fold from 0.004% to 0.04% of the total budget. The injustice! For what! For how many? For just 6 million that’s all. There are hundreds of sceptics- I mean 300 turned up for 10:23. Each sceptic is worth at least 1000000 bloody homeopathic whatsits. So that makes…. Er where’s my computer…well anyway it means that there are really more sceptics than homeopaths! So there’s the evidence! Where’s my sedative. There it is. Phew! Why wont people accept us as the intelligentsia that should be running the country? We mean no harm- well only to homeopaths and acupuncturists and chiros, herablists, magical thinkers, religious groups and any one who criticises scientists or stands in our way. Shiesse- I do think that we are going to have to build a lot of gulags.

Sat Feb 28

Oh No!!! I just read that a declaration in support of homeopathy was presented to the Prime Minister by a large crowd of homeopathy supporters. The signatures on it numbered over 28,000! Backfired again!

Humming ‘Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away’… Oh no McCartney again!

The man from the ‘Company’ called. I didn’t answer, but he didn’t sound too happy on the answer machine. Errrrk…Where are those pink pills?


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