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Posted by gimpygimpy on 15/01/2010

Well guys and girls, isn’t this exciting! we are about to start our ultimate anti Homeopathy campaign 10:23, and our Twitters are quivering with anticipation. Yes I know it’s really naff name and all, but nothing perfect. We were all sitting down at the old Pub on Thursday night , bored and wondering what to do next, and we get to thinking about our next move against those mad, mad, crazy, maniac, insane, murdering, rabid homeopaths (OK, we’d had a few pints by then). And then old Col says how about ‘10:23’, and we are, like, WHAT???. So his says, yeah you know Avogadro’s number and all. So we kind of like say, Hey Col, chill man, like maybe you’ve had one too many, easy on the old G and T’s old man. But you know what he’s like, once stuck on something that’s it. And he’s the guy with the connection and all, so like, the name stuck. A bit embarrassing, I know.

So anyways, there we were , like, discussing when to start, and the guys say why not now, no time like the present and all that, let’s get them while they’re low after we nailed the, with the old WHO- BBC trick (Ha-ha, that was a great, those Beeb bods will swallow anything we feed them!). But inside I’m thinking like, noooooo, cause It’s Mercury in retrograde right now, s’not gonna work. Well I couldn’t say that out loud with all those skeptiks around, but I’m a bit freaked out. You see I’ve had some bad experiences with Merc in retro, and strange enough I buy into that stuff, even though I’m a research scientist (Did I mention that before?)

So I’m lying in bed later that evening with an early hangover, and I start to think, like, after we Kill, kill, kill, mutilate, smash, annihilate, obliterate or at least maim all the homeopaths, where’s all the funding gonna come from. I got a cold sweat sudden like. You know I’m up at 6 every morning on the old Google alert and twitter, following every lead there is, blogging and sending nasty emails all day long. It’s a full time job, and I deserve every penny I get. But I realised suddenly, hey I got to leave some of these homeopaths around for bashing, cause I don’t fancy a round with the Chiropractors after the bloody nose that Singh got, and like no one’s gonna fund me against the church, and lets face it they make similar claims to the hom’s – think about it – healing and belief and prayer and energy and holy virgins and all that). Who’s going to fund that? I mean I don’t really fancy getting back to experimenting on all those mice in cages. Even worse, whose gonna read my blog!? Who’s going to even notice little me? Nightmare.

Note to self for the morning: Leave a few homeopaths alive!

Yours, in 10:23ness, G

2 Responses to “10:23”

  1. warhelmet said

    Drugs are bad, m’kay?

  2. Sure! We homeopaths LOVE 1023 because it PROVES that skeptics misunderstand homeopathy. It makes you folks look like fools (again).

    I heard that your next effort will be to “try” to overdose with acupuncture by using NAILS instead of needles.


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